Yoshimatsu: Kamui-chikap Symphony, Etc

‘Good performances, good sound. If you want to sample Yoshimatsu’s music, this is a good place to start’. --Fanfare

"Attractive, semi-ambient sounds and New Age dreaminess are the basis of these two immaculately executed, picturesque and listener-friendly works." --Classic FM Magazine

"Very highly recommended." --ClassicsToday.com

This is the third release on Chandos of material by contemporary Japanese composer Takashi Yoshimatsu (b. 1953). Yoshimatsu's music has some of the polystylistic touches found in Alfred Schnittke, but his temperament is more closely allied with contemporary Scandinavian composers (Einojuhani Rautavaara and Leif Segerstam come to mind). However, Yoshimatsu is very much a Romantic at heart and his music remains mostly tonal throughout.

Few will find his music unappealing. His Kamui-Chikap (Symphony No. 1) is particularly attractive because his occasional odd-note or atonal expression is carefully framed in a coherent tonality that sweeps the listener along. Some elements characteristic of American composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass appear in his tone poem, Ode to Birds and Rainbow. This piece also comes across as a homage to Ottorino Respighi without sounding anything at all like Respighi. Neat trick.

The BBC Philharmonic beautifully performs both symphonies and each work is illuminated further by the robust Chandos sound. Yoshimatsu doesn't sound particularly Japanese (if we use Toru Takemitsu's music as a gauge), but there's nothing wrong with that. Yoshimatsu's music is very approachable and begs repeated listenings. Very highly recommended. --ClassicsToday.com

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Wow, what a revelation! I really like this CD. Thanks!!