Britten: Violin Concerto & Double Concerto


“Aided by the alert Ilan Volkov, Anthony Marwood and Lawrence Power form a persuasive partnership...we are left in no doubt about the levels of searing commitment behind Marwood's performance. It's rounded off by Power's deeply thoughtful and refined account of the Lachrymae.” --BBC Music Magazine, April 2012****

“This is a lithe, spiky rhythmical performance, bristling with satire in the Shostakovich style, at speeds well ahead of Britten's own. There is some lack of aural beauty...but every phrase is highly charged...Could this be a more telling depiction of the 1930s than the bittersweet sentiment found on the composer's own recording decades later?” --Gramophone Magazine, March 2012

“This is a highly distinguished recording, very intelligently planned and exceptionally well executed...For me, the greatest revelation on this disc is the Double Concerto...the performance on this disc by Marwood and Lawrence Power reveals it to be an astonishing achievement as a work of art on several levels...Volkov has this style of composition almost in his blood and follows Power admirably [in Lachrymae].” --International Record Review, February 2012

“[Lachrymae is] exquisite, beautifully played here by Lawrence Power...Volkov’s BBC Scottish SO relish the first movement’s spiky, quirky invention and are a superb foil for Anthony Marwood in the central danse macabre [of the Violin Concerto]...It’s a compelling work, and this is a wonderful recording.” --The Arts Desk, 17th March 2012

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Maravilloso como todo lo tuyo, querido Expanium. Tubarec de Argentina

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Conejo. Te recomendo este CD de um grande guitarrista português. Se desejares podes aproveitar o link para o teu blogue:

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Gracias, lo voy a escuchar, me gusta la guitarra... saludos

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As always, thanks!

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