Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1

“Pollini plays with tremendous authority and passion...It's a magisterial interpretation...Yet if anything it's Thielemann's contribution that's more remarkable...his command of the orchestra here arouses admiration...[in the Adagio] Pollini and Thielemann produce one of the most beautiful and refinedly spiritual interpretations in recent years. It's a reading of profound poetry.” --BBC Music Magazine, February 2012 *****

“the conductor is Christian Thielemann, not an obvious collaborator for a musician of Pollini's temperament and outlook, yet in practice the partnership works remarkably well. Thielemann's broad-brush expressiveness provides a foil to Pollini's playing, which seems to acquire extra weight and spaciousness from the emphatic orchestra. Some passages have a real theatrical grandeur; the slow movement becomes a rapt hymn” The Guardian, 2nd February 2012 ****

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El concierto para piano nº1 de Brahms es una de mis piezas musicales favoritas. Me encanta. Un abrazo para ti Expanium.


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