Beethoven: Piano Concertos 1 & 3

“This is a recording set-up with consequences. Out the window goes the romantic 19th-century notion of the concerto as a titanic conflict between soloist and orchestra. In come intimate performances, styled almost as chamber music. In an early, Mozartean concerto like the C major, Op 15 (the first to be published, but not the first written), this scale of delivery is ideal. Brautigam’s fingering is so agile and clear that he makes you tingle in arpeggio runs; he’s equally splendid capering about, lightweight and giggly, in the rondo finale...If you want the blunt power of the old mighty Russians, Brautigam is probably not your pianist. But there’s fierce clarity here, and musical refreshment of a high order.” --The Times, 18th July 2008 ****

This is the first disc in Ronald Brautigam’s Beethoven Piano Concertos cycle; part of his ongoing cycle to record all of Beethoven’s music for solo piano. Brautigam now takes on Beethoven’s complete works for piano and orchestra, choosing to do so on a modern piano and with a modern instrument orchestra: the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, internationally acclaimed for its many fine recordings on BIS. 

Conducting the series is Andrew Parrott, and together with the soloist, he brings all his expertise in period performance practice to bear in interpretations that in many ways are as fresh and revolutionary as those of the sonata cycle.

As Ronald Brautigam explains in the liner notes: ‘I truly believe that what Beethoven wanted was chamber music rather than a battle between orchestra and soloist, and this makes for a wonderfully interactive set-up, where individual players have far more contact with the pianist than in a regular concert set-up’.

“…the playing is refreshingly alert throughout, with tempos noticeably on the fast side.” --BBC Music Magazine, August 2008 ****

“These well-known works emerge as if freshly minted” --International Record Review

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I love the 3rd Concerto very much. Every new execution is welcome!!

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I wanted this for ages :D
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Sugiro também o Quartet Piano Op. 26 de Beethoven!

Hamilton(Brazil) dijo...

Sugiro também o Quartet Piano Op. 26 de Brahms!
Evidentemente cometi um erro! a obra pertence a Brahms e não a Beethoven!

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pla, amigoo que todo esté bien, dame tips para enviarte por otro medio que no sea media
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