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'Szidon's outstanding 1970 coupling of the Gershwin and MacDowell concertos on CD at last. Add one of the finest Villa-Lobos recitals ever recorded and a devastating account of Ives's wrist-crippling "Concord" Sonata, and you're in piano heaven.' --BBC Music Magazine

'. . . this is an enticing entry into his extensive piano output . . . his command of transcendental pianism as required in Rudepoêma is never in doubt . . . Szidon's ability to make this sprawling work cohere is still impressive -- as is his uninhibited verve in the Three-Page Sonata.' --Gramophone

". . . foot-tapping vrtuosity . . ." --Classic FM

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Erad Coil dijo...

Descargando este gran aporte.


classical-gudian dijo...

nice post.

Anónimo dijo...

Hi, Expanium. Congratulations for your efforts. The first link (part1) of this Cd is not working anymore. Please, re-up it, ok? Thanks a lot.

Anónimo dijo...

Actually, BOTH links are down for this... too bad that mediafire is causing you problems now, they have been so good till now.
Thanks for your excellent posts, this is one of my favorite Classical blogs! I particularly like that you post so many "original instruments" versions.

Anónimo dijo...

Unfortunately this peeje.com doesn't work either (browser can't even connect to the site). There are LOTS of working filehosts out there, why are you using this unknown?
Once again, it's a shame that you are having trouble with mediafire, it has worked so well thus far. Your posts are so wonderful, it would be a shame to lose you!
Maybe go back to good old Rapidshare?

expanium dijo...

peeje link is running. Click on "Create Download Link" and download.

remember to use a download manager like JDownloader.

que la fuerza te acompañe...

expanium dijo...

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