The Virtuoso CLARINET, Volume 2

"... This warmly recorded recital continues the good work established by Collins in the earlier volume.", June 2014

“Michael Collins and his pianist Michael McHale present us with a programme of pieces all expertly written for the clarinet, and very entertaining too… This CD has been planned with great care, taking the listener from one enticing piece to the next in sheer delight.” --Gramophone magazine, April 2014 

GRAUPNER Himmlische Stunden, selige Zeiten

“Excellently recorded - this is quite simply a life-enhancing disc.” --BBC Music Magazine, May 2014 *****

“Miriam Feuersinger’s effortlessly enunciated singing (not to mention the breathing clarity of her high notes) is perfectly partnered here by a one-to-a-part ensemble.” --Early Music Review, April 2014

“Angst und Jammer, Qual und Trubsal is a major discovery … The disc’s first half sets the bar very high … well worth investigating.” --International Record Review, May 2014

French and English LUTE Music

Though variant tunings having already appeared during the first years of the sixteenth century, the first part of the seventeenth century saw a great number of tunings emerge, the most successful being those occurring in Pierre Ballard’s 1631 and 1638 publications of Tablatures de Luth de Differents Autheurs sur les Accords Nouveaux. Three out of these four accords nouveaux produce a superb resonance, but all share the disadvantage of being restricted to certain keys, modulation being often accompanied by a distinct deterioration in tone quality. 

BACH & BEETHOVEN Quasi una Fantasia

"This French pianist has a very individual sound. Her touch is light and expressive, and her Bach has great charm; the dynamics and tempos in her Beethoven sonatas are perectly judged, as is the tone." --BBC Music Magazine, July 2015

Pianist Audrey Vigoureux, a native of Aix-en-Provence in southern France, started playing at the age of eight. She studied with Sébastien Risler and Jacques Rouvier at the Conservatoire Supérieur of Geneva and the CNSM de Paris, graduating with honours from both. 

BACH Concertos for Two Harpsichords

“This is a very fine release, the BIS engineering to be relished in stereo as well as in the added space and sense of detail you have from the 5.0 SACD set-up. This is one case in which feeling as if you are amongst the musicians is nothing but pleasurable.” --MusicWeb International, 3rd June 2014

“Masaaki imagines these works very much as chamber creations but presented with a warm resonance which will suit almost all constituencies...both Masaaki and Masato rejoice in the simple elegance and devotional belonging which these pieces afford.” --Gramophone Magazine, August 2014

SHOSTAKOVICH Symphony No. 7 in C major, Op. 60 'Leningrad'

“Paavo Järvi's Leningrad is the opposite of his father's 1988 epic with the Scottish National Orchestra - light, laconic and sonically lean where Neeme's recording was spectacularly big in every way.” --BBC Music Magazine, August 2015

“Järvi and his engineers offer ruthless clarity and precision, exposing a rogue E flat clarinet with a flash of the theme at one point (never heard that before) and lacerating flutter-tongued trumpets as the shock and awe peaks…there is no denying the excellence of the playing.” --Gramophone Magazine, May 2015

BORN To Be Mild

Hille Perl transforms the viola da gamba into a truly timeless instruments: for the first time on record Hille Perl, her daughter Marthe Perl and Lutenist Lee Santana (playing electric guitar) are using electro-acoustic instruments to explore an excitingly divergent repertoire ranging across some seven centuries in stunning new sound and instrumental colours.
Release date: 5th May 2015

MOZART Piano Concertos Nos. 24 & 25

“Characterised by lively tempos, crisp articulation, taut rhythms and the ability to convey to the listener the joy of music-making, Brautigam's playing strips away the varnish to let you hear, as near as dammit, what Mozart's audiences woudl have heard...Even if you prefer, as I do, your Mozart on a modern concert grand, it's hard to resist Brautigam's period advocacy.” --Classic FM Magazine, February 2012 ****

“Playing on a fine, un-jangly modern copy of an Anton Walter instrument, with its silvery, singing treble and clear, percussive bass, Ronald Brautigam gives bold, invigorating performances of these contrasting concertos...this is exhilarating, often thought-provoking Mozart-playing” --Gramophone Magazine, January 2012

MENDELSSOHN & HENSEL Lieder ohne Worte

"Felix has given me three things: a piece in my family album, a 'Song without Words' such as he has written a number of so beautifully in recent times, another piano piece (...) and a large work for four choirs." Mendelssohn's elder sister Fanny wrote that in late 1828 to Carl Klingemann, a London diplomat friend of the Mendelssohn family. The "Song without Words" she refers to is the one marked Espressivo & Allegro which Felix dedicated to her for her twenty-third birthday on November 14, 1828, and which is not included in any of the eight published volumes. It now opens the "ninth volume", six unpublished pieces Matthias Kirschnereit has compiled for this complete edition of all the Songs without Words composed by Felix and Fanny.
Release date: 18th Sept 2015

SIBELIUS Belshazzar’s Feast

“Segerstam directs all this material with unfailing perception and secures some commendably watchful playing from his excellent Turku band. Sound, too, is undistractingly truthful, full-bodied and atmospheric, and there are useful notes by Dominic Wells. Roll on the next instalment!” --Gramophone Magazine, September 2015

“The lesser pieces here are all attractive...Segerstam has become one of the very finest Sibelius conductors, and his Turku orchestra rightly plays as if these were all major works, making this highly recommendable.” --BBC Music Magazine, October 2015 *****

GALUPPI Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 2

"Galuppi’s keyboard sonatas may seem to be composed squarely in the cliches and conventions of the Galant style. Under that surface lies Galuppi’s highly distilled personal rhetoric, full of drama and imagination. Napoli employs a great deal of variety of touch and articulation to penetrate the inner workings of these sonatas. His melodic right-hand playing is relaxed, simple, and elegant." --American Record Guide, March 2012

"these works show that Galuppi was cognizant of the evolution of style during his life and used it to best advantage...[Pianist Matteo Napoli’s] playing is always finely nuanced, with expressive details emerging even during the most mechanical sequential passages. The works…seem to fit quite well on the modern piano…"--Fanfare, March 2012


As the album title suggests, the repertoire on this collection is centered on the concepts of identity, both personal and national. Written between 1904 and 1927, a time that predates, includes then postscripts the WWI era, the diverse works on this collection examines four early 20th century pioneers: Claude Debussy, Leos Janacek, Erwin Schulhoff and Karol Szymanowski. The duo of Noé Inui (violin) and Mario Häring (piano) illustrate these composers search for new sounds, tone colours and forms at a time of great foment and through the duos nuanced thoughtful performances enable listeners to experience anew the many musical worlds that were created during that time.
Release date: 23rd Oct 2015